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When designing Madison Residence in Kansas City, Missouri, the architects at KEM Studio decided to put aside functionality (as a starting point for the design) and create something inspired by the owners’ lifestyle. Three main directions were identified during the research process: “The first was for the new house to be modern, minimal...

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Ideas Inspiration for Throwing a Kentucky Derby Party
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The annual Kentucky Derby horse race is one of the most festive sporting events of the year and an ideal event to plan a party around: the hats, the roses, the horses and the bourbon! We've put together resources on decor,...

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Every morning, I delay making my bed by a good few hours because my cat moves from my head (where he prefers sleeping) to curling up in the direct middle of my bed...

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Just like you, we Apartment Therapy editors are always bringing new stuff into our homes. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it turns out to be a waste of money and...

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