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When it comes to redesigning a room, the first decision is usually, “which color?”.

And sometimes, that can be the hardest choice of all. I can’t be the only person who has excitedly walked into a paint store, then left a short time later, overwhelmed with a thousand similar-but-different options. Who knew there could be so many ...

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Name: Gillie
Location: Prospect Park South — Brooklyn, New York

When I first viewed my one bedroom close to the park, it was in total shambles. Under rennovation for the first time in (I assume) years, the previously lime green walls...

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Q: I live in a loft apartment with one great big wall of windows. Much of my home is well lit with natural light. The exception to this is my bedroom, which has no windows and receives...

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Beloved for their big, beautiful leaves and easy care, Chinese evergreens are often recommended for people who aren't good at keeping plants alive. Their low-maintenance requirements and tolerance of a variety of conditions makes them great for houseplant beginners.


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