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When we talk about investment decorating, THIS is what we mean! Score the perfect, special piece for you room and you really don't need all that much else. Need help knowing what...

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The second bathroom in Michelle and Brad's condo was in a strange state of flux. The home's previous owners had removed the bathtub with the hope of installing a washer and dryer, but since the addition of the washer...

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lego home design

Lego isn’t just for kids anymore. Get ready to learn why you should play with Lego! Image Source: I-Beam Design

As adults we often curse Lego—especially when we step on it! There is nothing worse than planting your foot down on one of those sharp plastic blocks.  Ouch!

But let’s be kids again for a moment; let’s get down on...

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The garage might be the least glamorous space in your home, and also the most hardworking. It's home to your car, your sports equipment, your out of season stuff, and all kinds of things that don't fit anywhere else....

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